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Mint condition

You know how some people can’t stand cilantro and say that it tastes like soap? There’s actually a reason for that (you can read about it here). I, however, love cilantro. It’s right up there in my “Best Herbs” Top 5, coming in at number 2 behind basil. What’s at the dead bottom of my list is mint. Just like some people feel like they’re dining on Dove body wash when they eat cilantro, I feel like I’m chowing down on a tube of Colgate when I eat mint. Zest to them; Crest to me.

When I reveal this to people, I am always met with a combination of incredulity and pity. “Not even Thin Mints?!” they ask. I gather Thin Mints are the pinnacle of minty goodness. I wouldn’t know. To me, it’s like eating a chocolate cookie doused with copious amounts of mouthwash.

I have no idea if there’s a scientific reason for this. I suspect there’s perhaps a genetic component, though, because my mom hates mint, too. Or maybe it’s just that we’re both weird.

What food do you hate that everyone else likes?

Me, that's who.

Me, that’s who.



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