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We once thought shoulder pads looked good, too

I recently stumbled upon this collection of crazy 1970s fashions. It’s hard to believe that these clothes actually existed.  Or that people actually wore them.  All of this got me thinking about what is considered fashionable now and what will look ridiculous 40 years from now (or perhaps much sooner). Here are my predictions:

Scarves. Don’t get me wrong—I love them. I’m wearing one right now, in fact. They’ve had a good run, lasting much longer on the finicky fashion scene than most other trends. But I can’t help but think the clock is ticking and that 40 years from now, we’ll see a photo of a woman wearing an infinity scarf (probably one with a chevron pattern—see below), and think she looks kind of silly.

Items with a chevron pattern. I’m not sure when or how this got to be a thing, but it was like one day I woke up and women and girls all around me were wearing dresses, shirts, and scarves (especially scarves) decked out with a chevron pattern. I also see it in catalogs and magazines on rugs, lampshades, and curtains. Mark my works: Chevron is the paisley print of our time.

Matilda Jane clothing. Okay, I know I’m going to catch some grief for saying this, but I am not a fan of this frilly, intentionally mis-matched clothing line. I know some of you find it totally adorable and feel like I must not have any sense of style (or perhaps a soul). But I find it just a little too cutesy for my taste, even for a little girl. But here’s the thing—it’s not just for little girls. I’ll never forget the day I saw a grown woman getting out of a car at my son’s school and noticed that the bottoms of her pants were festooned with about 18 inches of ruffles. Just…no.

Shorts and socks and sandals. Unless you are a 75-year-old man at your winter condo in Florida, you have no reason to wear these items together. So why is that boys have co-opted this look?

Uggs.  If you want a look that says, “I’m going to go muck a stall!” look no further.

Jeggings. The scary love child of acid wash jeans and stirrup pants.

What current fashion trends do you think we’ll be laughing at in the future?


4 thoughts on “We once thought shoulder pads looked good, too

  1. I get a kick out of the ‘who wore what’ pictures from celebrity awards ceremonies….let me add two:
    1. Formal gowns made out of lace over underwear… or not.
    2. Tuxes with skinny legs and high bottoms.

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