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No silver linings here

I don’t usually watch The Oscars, but this year I tuned in for the last half of it, mainly to see which film would win the prize for Best Picture.  There had been a lot of talk around the Internet that Silver Linings Playbook would likely win, and I was curious to see if the members of the Academy were that stupid.

Everyone from critics to friends to random people on the street have raved about this film, but I hated it.  It has a little bit of everything, but unfortunately, none of it was anything I wanted to see a movie about.  Football.  Gambling.  A dance competition (yes, a dance competition!).  Half the time I wasn’t sure if I was watching Dirty Dancing,  Any Given Sunday, or the movie I just spent way too much money to see.  Oh, yeah, and there’s also sex addiction, bi-polar disorder, OCD, unrequited love, and a dysfunctional family, any of which could have made for a decent movie, but that all got shoved aside for the most part because I guess the makers of this film found football, gambling, and preparing for a dance contest so much more interesting.  I did not.  Also, I found Jennifer Lawrence’s eye make-up and hair distracting (Apparently, others weren’t as bothered, since she took home the Oscar for Best Actress).

In one of the very few scenes that I thought worked, Bradley Cooper’s character throws a copy of A Farewell to Arms through a window in disgust at the way Hemingway chose to end the novel.  That’s how I feel about this whole movie.  I wish I could throw it through a window.

This isn’t the first time I watched a much-praised movie and thought, “Are we watching the same thing?”  Here’s a list of some of the worst offenders:

Shakespeare in Love 

In the Bedroom

The Fisher King

Fight Club

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

If I were a better blogger, I would probably break down each of these films and explain exactly why I found them so horrible, but because I hated them so much I can’t really do that.  A great movie should stay with you long after you walk out of the cinema or eject the DVD.  You should find yourself recalling a particular scene a few days later as you’re waiting in line at Starbucks or realizing something about a character you didn’t notice before as you’re loading the dishwasher.  You should be checking out IMDB.com to find out what else the actors, director, and screenwriter have done.  You should consult Amazon to see if the movie was based on a novel so you can read it and see how the two compare.  None of these things happened with any of these movies.  They were over and that was it and I never thought much about them again.

Which is exactly what will happen with Silver Linings Playbook as soon as I finish typing this sentence.


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